IDAPI32.LIB linker errors

As a first step to migrating an OWL application we have rebuilt it on
Cbuilder 6. However the only copy of IDAPI32.LIB that we have is the
version that came with BC++5.02 that shipped with CBuilder 5. When we
try to link this we get the error:
Linker error (fatal) error detected - IMP2412
If the object modules are extracted and linked individually they give
the following errors:
INTF.OBJ is missing a section of class 1
t4n\idapi32.asm Additional segment needs to be defined in .def file
We are not linking any of the VCL libraries or using VCL BDE components
( yet ).
Is there a version of IDAPI32.LIB for BDE that will link with
Ilink32 ?
If you generate an import library from IDAPI32.DLL it does not find the
BDE DLLs in their default location unless you set the PATH, but it does
link OK.
Any suggestions? Thanhs Steve Doughton.