IBEvent and DataPost


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I have a DataSnap Client with socket connections and callbacks
In order for callbacks to work I have to set SupportCallback to true
in the code, before I connect. That's Ok.
The DataSnap server connects to a FireBird 1.0 Database. The idea is
that when a record is inserted the Database generates an event that
fires back to the DataSnap server, which in turn notifies all the
clients through a callback.
When FB generates the event I get an EOleSysError from the AppServer
saying something like "The program called an interface arranged for
another thread".
The error is translated by me, since I get it in Danish.
The error only occurs when the DataSnap server is configured with
tmApartment. Everything works with tmSingle. I am using
Remote/LocalHost for the DB Connection.
I have tried to setup a separate TIBDatabase and TIBTransaction for
the TIBEvent component, but the behavior is the same.

Best regards
Glenn B. Andersen

D6Sp2, IBX603, Win2KPro