Access 2000 -- unusual database growth

I sent the following to Timur Islamov regarding my experience with his
DiamondADO components and Access 2000. Since I haven't received a response
from him, I thought I'd try you folks to see if anyone else has observed a
problem like this. Note that the same program building the same database,
but in Access97 format via the BDE, behaves as one would expect and the
database size growth is well within expected bounds. Anyway, here's the
message I sent to Islamov:

Timur --

I have a stock-market application written in Delphi. The data lives in an
Access db, with the price data in a single table containing symbol, date,
open, high, low, close, volume. The table's primary index is symbol, date.
With data on every current US equity since the beginning of 1993, the db is
about 550 Mbytes. With the db in Access97 format, updating and accessing the
database works very well via the BDE.

Ok, now I've got Office2000, and I find that Access has a new format. I've
also upgraded to Delphi 5 Pro, so I don't have ADOExpress. Another new
wrinkle is that I've just bought a CD with stock-market data since the
beginning of 1988. My intention is to build a new database with the same
format as the old one with the more comprehensive data from this new data
source. I decided to try to do this using Access2000 format, so I downloaded
your ADO components to try them. The data on the CD is organized by company,
all the equities with ticker starting with A in a folder, B in another
folder, etc. I modified my program to use your components. When I run it to
load the data, the database grows by huge amounts, getting to over 2 Gbytes
about half-way through the A's. If you stop it and compact the database, the
size gets reduced dramatically to about what you'd expect with only a small
portion of the market data in the database. The same program run using the
standard Delphi TDatabase and TTable and starting with the same empty
database (except in Access97 format, of course) grows slowly, behaving as
you would expect.

I'm not sure if the problem is yours, or Microsoft's (some problem with the
new Access format), but I'm not going to be able to use your stuff -- I'll
have to continue with Access97. Just thought I'd let you know. I *may*
decide to buy ADOExpress with the intention of trying it (or perhaps get the
trial version of D5, which includes the ADO objects) and try this again. If
I do, I'll let you know how that works out.

/Don Allen