creating new tables from old tables


We are using D3 on w95 to develop a system that stores data in a table.
The table (Paradox) has about 100 fields. (yeah, I know)
We need to be able to create multiple such tables from within our
application. (so that each project can be stored in it's own table)
We have found a way to do this, and it creates the new table file and we
can add records to it, fine....
but, it doesn't carry across the default values and constraints attached
to the fields.

How do we do this?
We tried copying the .val files from the original table to the new name
but got a 'file open' error while the .val still existed.

Also, we are developing the code on a Novell Netware environment and
while the boss can access the .db files from his PC (he created them), I
can't, I get 'paradox not set up for net access' exceptions.
Where and how do I set it up for net access?

thanks very much

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