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How to set TTextAttributes.Style "normal"

Hello Everybody

I'm working with a TRichEdit. (Delphi 3.0)
Help says...


TTextAttributes.Style determines whether the font is normal, italic,
underlined, bold, or strikeout.


fsBold  The font is boldfaced.
fsItalic        The font is italicized.
fsUnderline     The font is underlined.
fsStrikeout     The font is displayed with a horizontal line through it.


ok. But ?How do I put it normal?

Thanks in advance

Miguel Ortu?o


Re:How to set TTextAttributes.Style "normal"

Like this :

RichEdit1.DefAttributes.Style := [];

TTextAttributes is a set, so..if you set it equal to [] then you will have the
normal/default attributes of the RichEdit

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