D2: String Grid dynamic data loading ?


I need to use a string grid with a big chunk of data: up to 10 000
rows and 9 columns. I do make the data file myself so I can choose
between text or binary data. To get some performance out of the system
I'll have to load (and delete) the rows as the user moves around, and
keep the data in a array.
Has anyone modified a string grid in this way ??
Any other suggestions ?

BDE is ruled out for deployment reasons.

BTW, when I tried to load all my data into the grid I get a 'Out Of
Memory' error after a  >couple< of minutes, and I got 32 megs of ram +
70 megs virtual memory. Thats when I run it in the IDE. The data as a
plain textfile is just under 800kb,
 Is this normal behavior ??