GetOlePicture???... Help!!!

Hi there,
   I am TRYING to write a DLL in D3 for use in a Visual Basic application.
what I want to do is load a Jpeg from disk and export it it to the Picture
Property of a VB pictureBox. For this I have done the following.. I load
the Jpeg in the dll and convert it to a bitmap.
Then I assign that bitmap to a var'ed  IpictureDisp like this:
and then use that Ipicturedisp for  a return of the function. This compiles
without any errors. So then I go to VB and do the following:


This blows up every time with a GPF. I have put a showmessage in my
function and have determined that everything seems okay until I actually
assign the IpictureDisp to the return value.

Does anyone have an example of the GetOlePicture's usage, of if not.. a
suggestion on how to go about exporting a graphic from Delphi to VB?

                         Thanks in advance..