Oracle 8i ODBC BLOB/Index problem with Delphi 3

I am having some problems with the ODBC drivers for Oracle 8i.  The
driver version is 8.170.  I am using Delphi 3 and BDE 5.01 and have
had the same problem on Win NT, 2000 and XP.

The problem is that i was trying to write blobs >32k to a LONG RAW
field.  For those that don't know Oracle seems to have a trouble
writing BLOBs of this size and only writes the first 32k.
I am aware of the "BLOB SIZE" parameter in the BDE but changing this
did not make any difference.

In the end i decided to download the latest driver from the Oralce web
site and upgraded my ODBC driver from 8.170 to 8.175.  This fixed the
BLOB problem and i was now able to read and write large blobs (after
correctly setting the BLOB SIZE parameter).  I also discovered that
8.170 had no problems with reading large BLOBS but only with writing

However the problem i now have is that the new driver doesnt return
any information about the indexes i have on any of my oracle tables.

The following code gives different results for both drivers.

      for i:=0 to IndexCount-1 do

With 8.170 IndexCount=3 but with 8.175 IndexCount=0.  As a result i'm
unable to use functions like GoToKey, etc.
Ive tested all the drivers from 8.170 - 8.175 and found that both the
BLOB Fix and the Index UnFix occurrs between 8.171 and 8.172 and 8.172
is 100k smaller than 8.171.

Can anybody see if i'm doing something wrong?

Finally, we are currently using Microsoft Oracle driver that comes
with windows 2000, XP.  This one works fine with the BLOBS and the
Indexes whilst using the same code.  The problem is that this driver
is really slow.