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Update from bc45 to bcc55, dll-access don't work properly

I'll test a C-program with access to a driver-dll under MS Windows ME
There are statements in my H-file as:
#    define EXPORTDLL(rettype) rettype _export
#    define STDCALL __stdcall
EXPORTDLL(int) STDCALL i_ioctl(int h, int eFctn, void *pVal);
There are calls in my C-file as:
i_ioctl(0, IOCTL_CTCFG, &pCfg);

To make my exe-file with bc45 I had to use bcc32.exe and tlink32.exe and the
import32.lib, cw32.lib, bidsfi.lib
The generated exe-file with DLL-access works properly.

To make my exe-file with bcc55 I replaced tlink32 by ilink32 and omitted
bidsfi.lib because it wasn't in the LIB-dir of BCC55.
The generated  exe-file don't work properly. The access to the DLL generates
a windows-Error-msg.

Will causes the missing "bidsfi.lib" this error? Is there any lib in bcc55
with the same functions as "bidsfi.lib"?

Who can help me?


Re:Update from bc45 to bcc55, dll-access don't work properly

bidsfi.lib is a class library from the old BC++ 4.5.  There is no such
library in C++ Builder.  The standard template library, STL, was added to
the C++ language and it probably is what one might say gives equivalent
functions to the bids library.  If you are using the bids library then you
must change your code to work with newer versions of the compiler.

Your message is about C++ Builder.  Newsgroups for that product have
'cppbuilder' in their name.  Please place any replies or follow-up messages

.  Ed

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