Delphi4: TMemoryStream and Clipboard

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone had any *simple* functions which will copy the
contents of the clipboard to a memory stream.  I am porting over a
program I had from a 16-bit program over into Delphi 4 and I realized
that memory is handled a bit different in 32-bit windows.  I have seen
huge packages of unneccessary code, but what I want is pretty simple:

Function Mem2Clip(var Mem: TMemoryStream, CF_CUSTOM) : Boolean;
Function Clip2Mem(var Mem: TMemoryStream, CF_CUSTOM) : Boolean;

I don't remember the exact sytax for the type CF_CUSTOM belongs to, but
you should catch my drift.  I think it is TClipboardFormat or something.


PS- If I figure it out myself and write my own, I will post it here.  I
might be good for a FAQ or something.