finding files in recycle bin?

dortmund, stardate 0217.94,

 m> how do i find files in the recycle bin?  findfirst/next doesn't work.  in
 m> windows explorer the files are shown as the way they were named before
 m> being deleted but if you do a dir in DOS they are named differently.
 m> basically, i need to delete all the files in the recycle bin with delphi
 m> 2.0.

my guess would be, that you'd have to work with the Shell's  
rerpresentation of the recyclebin thru it's IShellFolder interface. you  
seem the RECYCLE folde rin each drive's root dir is not really the  
recyclebin folder (such as c:\win95\desktop would be the desktop folder).  
instead it only contains all "deleted" files from that drive, while the  
"Recycle Bin" is a virtual folder containing all deleted files from all  
drives (much like Control Panel or Temporary Internet Files are virtual  

i'm not sure exactly how, but i would excpect the shell to provide  
rudimentary access like rename and delete and such for each Shell Folder.  
try looking up the documentation of IShellFolder and related topics (if  
they are in the Delphi online help, of which i'm not sure, or in MSDN  

hope this helps
marc hoffman <>

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