D4 SP2: Bug in TForm.Constraints

Steps to reproduce the problem:

A1. Create a new project with an empty form
A2. Compile
A3. Run
A4. With the mouse, go to the topmost border of the form and
   lower the height as much as possible.
A5. Try to lower the height even more.
Result: As expected, the form stays on its place.

So far so good.

Now do the following:
B1. Set Form1.Constraints.MinHeight to 100
B2. Repeat steps A2 through A5
Result: Unexpected behaviour - when trying to resize the form,
        you move it down (apparently as much as the value you set
        in step B1)

I don't know whether there is a workaround or bugfix available,
anybody knows?

Frank Heyne

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