ASM : 16-bit >> 32-bit

Hi all

There is an LZSS unit in the SWAG archives which I am working on to extend.
I have now completed my extensions (adding archiving functions, and several
other things - e.g., it can be compiled as a DLL with just a single IFDEF
uncommented). I have also amended it to (optionally) use a Pascal object (or
Delphi Class). It now works correctly under BPW and TP7/BP7 (Dos, and Win16)
and under Delphi 1.0. However, several of the functions are written in ASM,
and this precludes porting to Win32. I want the unit/DLL to be able to
compile under DOS, Win16, Win32, and BP4OS2, before releasing it as
freeware, and, hopefully, it will be added to the SWAG archives.

Can anybody convert 16-bit ASM to 32-bit ASM that will work correctly under
Delphi2? If so, please get in touch, and I will send you the relevant code.
This is the only thing that is delaying the release of this package.
The code will be too slow if converted to Pascal - but this may be done as a
last resort (but only for Win32 and OS/2 programming) - so if you can
convert 16-bit ASM to Pascal, please get in touch as well!

Thanks all!

The Chief
Dr. A{*word*73}la A. Olowofoyeku (The African Chief)
Author of: Chief's Installer Pro 2.80a for Win16 and Win32:
           Winner of PC PLUS Magazine Gold Award (April 1995 U.K. edition)