MS SQL server - Date Time Field problem

I am working using :

1. Delphi 2.0 Client/Server Suite
2. Microsoft SQL server 6.0
3. Windows NT 4.0 ( Service Pack 3) instaled on Pentium II - 350 Mhz / 128
Mb RAM  Machine

BDE alias is using MSSQL driver wich is instaled by Delphi 2.0 CS
instalation program using option
SQL Links ->  MS SQL Server Link Driver.

Here is an simple example :

I have datebase with structure

Table name:  Acts
FieldName                FieldType
act_id                            int
act_type                        int
act_date                       datetime

When I am using TQuery object as

Query.Sql:=' insert into acts ( act_type, act_date ) values

every thing is fine, but this fails

Query.FieldByName('act_date').AsDateTime:=StrToDateTime('24.04.70');   //
This is ok, No error messages
Query.Post;  // Error Message : General SQL error : Converting DATETIME from
character string

I must use second way to insert records because I have in real situation
Query with TUpDateSQL component
which binds parameters and results in same error.

I tried setting DATE MODE in BDE Configuration utility and I tried setting
DATEFORMAT on server but
same error occurs. I even tried setting date time format in Control Panel ->
Regional Settings.

Please, if eny one have solution to this problem let me know or direct me to
place where I can find solution