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Seeking Opinions...

>We are generally very happy with this combination, except for the speed
>(going through BDE and ODBC is a pain !) If you have a fast machine, and
>enough ram, this is not very noticeable. This should be resolved once Titan
>SQL Anywhere for Delphi is available and bug free.

Have you looked at ODBCExpress?  It provides a direct link to ODBC without
using the BDE, and apparently, it is very fast.  I have been testing it out
and it looks very promising.  It handles large blobs with no problem. is the site to check out.



Re:Seeking Opinions...

Michael Mount wrote:

> Michael,
> I was under the impression that the Borland SQL Links did not offer a
> link to SQL Anywhere, only to System 11.  Has this changed?  Or am I
> just plain wrong?

You're not merely right, you're really most sincerely right!
Have had to carefully name ODBC DSN to avoid delphi mistaking the
"Sybase" word and looking for the SQL Link..


Re:Seeking Opinions...

  I would consider setting the session's SQLHourglass to false a major
workaround in BDE 4.01, not a fix.  The fix would be to debug DB.pas, which
Borland hopefully is taking the time to do before releasing BDE 4.5.

Paul Rice

Ashish Sahni wrote in message <>...
>Well in Delphi 2.0 if you open another form, from one and perform some SQL
>operation and exit from the created form , then when u return back to the
>orignal form the
>SQL Hourglass appears and stays. This does not happen always. This is known
>problem and has been fixed in Delphi 3.0 and also you can disable the
>SQLHourGlass option by
>setting the Session.SQLHougGlass property to false.


>Michael Mount wrote:

>> Thanks for your response.  What is the SQL Hourglass problem?  I've seen
>> an hourglass with SQL written under it in some of my testing so far - I
>> assume this is to what you're refering - but why is this a problem?

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