Upgrading BC++ 5.02 or switch to C++ Builder 6

Hi All,

I'm working with BC++ 5.02 for several year, but now i would like to
switch to a newer compiler. Not because i'm not satisfied with BC++
5.02 but because i can't use the new features of new OS like NT4,
NT2000 or XP.

IMPORT32.LIB only has procedures of the OS til '1996 and
windows.h/commctrl.h only structure, styles and prototypes of the OS
til '1996.

Over the years I've got lots of files and programs written with 5.02,
but i do NOT use any OWL or other stuff but only plain windows API and
standard RC-Files.

When i install C++ Builder i found that there is no way to edit the
RC-Files and i got other hard problems to port my old projects to C++
builder so i give up.

So my question is:

Is there a way to upgrade BC++ 5.02 to use the new features of the new
OS ?


Is there a way to get my old projects running with C++ Builder,
without using components from VCL but useing and editing my old
RC-Files ?

Any help is welcome.