Announce : New Release of Marathon SQL Tool

Marathon Version 0.99f(beta) is available for download at

This will be the last public beta version release.  Marathon will be
retrofitted with
Jason Wharton's Interbase Objects for greater speed and felxibility.

About Marathon

Marathon is a programming environment for SQL Databases.
Marathon provides an alternative to the "notepad and ISQL" methods of
developers have had to put up with.

Familiar Interface

Most users of Marathon will find the interface, a SDI multi-windowed,
interface intuitive
and easy to use. Standards have been used throughout the product for
example in the Stored
Procedure editor CTL-F9 will compile the stored proc, while F9 will execute
The Database Manager, the heart of Marathon holds a heirachical list of all
Meta objects
within the database as well as the SQL Assistant, a tool to make writing
SQL code easier.

Advanced Editors

Marathon offers an editor geared towards every different Meta object type,
however there
are three that deserve special mention, the adhoc SQL editor, Stored
Procedure, and Trigger editors.

* No limit in SQL statement size
* Color syntax highlighting, that is customizable.
* Editable macros that can include a number of embedable codes, useful for
SQL templates.
* Search and replace.
* Intelligent keyword comletion.
* Drag and Drop from the SQL Assistant of all relations and their columns.
* Bookmarks

Meta Objects

The other Meta object editors all have capabilities to fully leverage the
advanced features
of Interbase, no generics here. The Meta object editors are accessable from
the Database Manager
and each editor window has its own right mouse button popup menu so you can
quickly access key functionality.

Debugging your Stored Procs and Triggers

Debugging stored procedures and triggers can be very tedious and
time-consuming. To help
you troubleshoot syntax errors more efficiently , Marathon parses server
error messages
and places the cursor at the position where the error exists and
highlighting the offending

Marathon - The SQL Tool for Interbase
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