Code Complete book review & more Pascalware

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A book review on Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software
Construction. "The stated aim of this book is to narrow the gap between
leading edge and common software development practice". See the full
review for more details.

New additions to the PascalWare page:

Rendzju, ExtPopUpMenu, Kalah, ECG (AfterDark module)

Mythos, UULite, 3D Dots, String Up Steve

If you know of other freeware or shareware apps written in Pascal, let me
know and I'll add them to the page.  Thanks!

New link at the Forums and Links page:

Author's Group MT2 - References to MT2 articles in English and Russian
journals about different aspects of Pascal (Mac & IBM PC).

Lev Possajennikov's Software - List of freeware projects, including Pascal
source code.

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