Please Test / Help With DelphiX : FILE : PLASMA.ZIP


Are you st*pid? Why do you post more than 3000 lines???


Why don't ya offer your program at a HP and ask here for testing it?


Why are you using DelphiX? - Because you are able to code DX with the help
of components in Delphi?
DelphiX is much to slow! It is GREAT (for beginners), but not for
time-critical graphic-routines! You should use the "original" converted DX
APIs from Erik Unger:
They are NO components, but they are convertet '1:1'. And they are faster
than DelphiX (esp. in D3D)...


That plasma looks nice ( I'm not able to make it better), but 20 fps at my
primary gfx device is too slow :-o

I hope someone could help ya, to make it faster...