The scaling subject has been kicked around a number of times but still
seems hit-or-miss. Tried the procedure of setting Scaled := False,
AutoScroll := False, position := poScreenCenter, and
ScaleBy(PixelsPerInch,96). When run at 800 x 600 small (as designed),
OK. Switching to 640 x 480 is also fine. Switching to 800 x 600 large
runs the forms off the screen.

 It acts as if 135dpi is being reported (large font) to PixelsPerInch
while it is actually displaying in 96dpi blowing the scaling to pieces.
Ignoring the PixelsPerInch and using ScaleBy(Screen.Width,800), it works
nicely for all res and fonts. Seems like such a common occurance needs
to be a little less black magic.

Robin - just my $0.02