Help - Need BDE 3.0 to BDE 3.01 upgrade

Never say never!
I am looking for an upgrade to BDE 3.0 to BDE 3.01  I am trying to get
an DOS application working that was written in 1996 using Turbo C++
V3.0 in C   accessing a Paradox database.   I have run into a
particularly {*word*193} problem where i am getting internal paradox engine
errors caused by a PXSearch function.  I have found on the Newsgroups
an email that describes this very problem and the solution is to
upgrade my Paradox Engine from 3.0 to 3.01.    I am hoping that
someone can help us out. I inherited this project and the former
people have long since left the company.  I have no proof of purchase,
I am specifically looking for "PXENGTCL.lib"  that will accommodate
BDE 3.01.