can delphi client/server 16bit be accessed by delphi 2/3

i'm pretty ignorant on how delphi client/server works.  these are the
assumptions i'm making.  
* you install server software on one of your stations.
* other clients access this server.

if i'm wrong there, stop me.  but my question is as follows: if i've
created a server database using the 16bit version of delphi/client
server, can i access the database using delphi 2 professional?  i have
an opportunity to buy delphi client/server for an extremely low price
but it's the 16bit version.  i have delphi 2 professional and delphi 3
standard and i wan't to know if i would have access to my databases
from either of these.

also, does delphi client/server use SQL at all without having buy
oracle or ms sql server?

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