Changing Tables In ReportSmith

I need to run a report from Delphi using a an RS_TEXT table that is
located in a different directory than it was at design time.
Reportsmith seems determined to look for the table in the path where
it was located at design time no matter what I do.  Even if I launch
ReportSmith from a different directory containing the RPT file and my
table together, it still looks for the table in the original
directory.  I tried removing the path from the table expression in the
SQL text, but that did not help.  

Using an example in the tech docs, I tried using the
DataSet.ReplaceTable method to switch, and had limited success.  I
invoked this command from a macro that was linked to the "After Report
Open" event, and it worked OK as long as my original table exists in
the "design time" directory when it loaded the report.  Once I ran the
report with the original table removed, RS displayed an ODBC error at
startup, and didn't even execute my event to switch to the desired

Call me an idealist, but I think this really isn't much to ask from a
descent reporting tool.  Can anybody give me any advice to get this
working better.


Ken Borsare