Using DBASE III plus indexes

I have written a delphi 1 app to connect to a DBASE III plus database.
I can connect to the table just fine.  When I throw an SQL statement on
the table through the BDE using a query component it seems to do a
sequential search on the table rather than using any of the indexes have
been created which really makes the performance intolerable on a very
large table.  When I try to use the table component instead it does not
recognize the index file which is the older .NDX file.

The customer is unable to upgrade to a newer version of DBASE because of
legacy software they are using.  Is there any way to use the .NDX index
files with delphi 1 and the BDE.  If not is there a way that I can
create my own indexes based off of the old DBASE III plus tables?  This
news message is my last resort before calling borland.  Thanks for any
help you can give me.