DBListbox incremental search

I'm getting kinda desparate.

I want to disable the incremental search feature of a dblistbox. I have a
dblistbox connected to a text field that contains values 1, 2, 3, and
'none'. I want the user to be able to press 2 and move the selection to 2,
then 3 and move the selector to 3 and so on. Delphi's normal behavior waits
two seconds after the first keystroke because of its incremental search
feature. Therefore, the user can't press 2 and then immediately press 3 to
move the selector to 3. The user has to wait two seconds before they can
move to another item in the list using the keyboard.

The user can also press Esc after pressing the first keystroke, then
immediately press another key to successfully move to another item in the

All of this is standard behavior for dblistboxes and dblookuplistboxes.

I've thought to send an Esc key after processing the user's keystroke
normally, but I don't know how to send a special keystroke like Esc, and
I'm not yet sure how I can do it without causing recurring onkeypress (or
keyup or down) event.

Can someone please, please help me out??