TimeStamp field


Question is: Is it safe to cast TIMESTAMP field value to for exmple BIGINT
like CAST(TS as BIGINT)?

I mean in MS SQL 2000 and Delphi 5 Ent. ADO components I use stored
procedure with parameters OldTimeStamp
and NewTimeStamp and I pass

parameter OldTimeStamp from Delphi application in INT type variable, and MS
SQL 2000 selects  NewTimeStamp value of current record then I cast this
NewTimeStamp value to BIGINT and compare if I can update this record. Will
INT or BIGINT will be enough in case that Delphi application will be used
for many years lets say or is it more safe to use DELPHI TTimeStamp variable
and in MS SQL 2000 not to cast NewTimeStamp to BIGINT and is it possible to
compare TimeStamp values without casting or converting them?????

Any answers are welcome. Thanks in advance.