unit not recognizing another unit's object methods?

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Date: Thu, 28 Sep 1995 15:42:57 -0400 (EDT)
From: Event Horizon <hori...@{*word*104}1.servtech.com>
To: Ray Cramer <r...@unixa.nerc-bidston.ac.uk>
Subject: Hi, remember me!? :-)


This group was very helpful with an earlier problem, so I'm asking a new
one.  I will try and be more concise!

I am now seeing "invalid procedure or function reference" when I try to
call object methods in unit A, from unit B.  The implication seems to be
that somehow the method is not recognized outside unit A in which
it's declared.  This declaring unit compiles fine, and the object type and
its methods are in the interface section, too, so they should be
recognizable to unit B.  In fact when in the calling unit B, I
initialize a pointer to this object (pointer declared in unit A) via
'NEW', then access one of the objects fields directly via
pointer^.objfield, this works fine.  So unit B knows about the object at
least. I suppose..

BTW this particular method is not a virtual method, it's a constructor..  
Also this hierarchy is very similar to Borland's location-point-.. hierarchy
they use in all their examples.  Demmed if I can find a reason for this
problem, tho there are two objects named as descendants of 'Point'.  
Shouldn't matter?

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