Delphi Version for Win95

Hi all,

I recently attended the Microsoft World-Wide-Live developers seminar.
It's main purpose appeared to be emphasizing compliance with the Win95
logo requirements.  The logo requirements dictate certain
functionality and style issues that must be present in your
application.  Many of these issues are trivial, but others are not,
such as OLE client or server implementation.

Is there any word on the street as to how Delphi will meet
these requirements in the next version?  

Merely porting it to 32bit won't cut it.  OLE support is a key
ingredient for logo compliance.  Will we have to resort to C++ to
accomplish this?

This will determine whether or not Delphi can effectively by used for
commercial application development.

If anyone can give me some insight on this it'd be appreciated. My
company has a major project underway and I'd like to use Delphi for
the UI, but Win95 logo compliance is a great concern.


Troy Sabin
APEX Creative Technology, Inc.

P.S.  Is Borland still on schedule for the next release?