I'm using the Delphi v.1 (16 bits).

I have a 'Default Form'. This 'Default Form' contains default buttons and controls to all others forms of my applications.

There are two way to use it:
  1) To place it in the Gallery Option from the Delphi's menu ;
  2) To transform it in class .

If I choose the option '1', all the source code existent is transferred to the new form. This isn't OOP.

I want to use the option '2'. The problem is : how to register it how a new class in the Delphi and use it directly in the development environment, and the Delphi to
generate source code how following ? :

{ Begin Unit -------------------------------------------------------------------- }
        unit unit1;
          SysUtils, WinTypes,
          ..., MyForm ; { MyForm is a Unit for implementation of the 'Default Form' }
          TNewForm = class( DefForm )

        ... { other source code of this unit }

{ End Unit  -------------------------------------------------------------------- }

Thank you to ask this questions.

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