Progress via ODBC, Delphi 4


I am currently trying to view a Progress DB through a TDBGrid  in Delphi 4.
Logging in to the DB, and viewing lists of the tables is not a problem.
However when I make the table active I have had several different error
messages :

Cannot find column mph (table is called mph_hist)

Also :
Number is out of range : Bde Error 9985

I am using Intersolv's Progress 32 Bit Driver version 3.10.0000.

I have tried linking tables through access 95, and 5/6 records appear all
with #Name? in all fields. The message appears ODBC Call Failed.
If I try to import the table, I get the same column error as in Delphi.

A colleague of mine suggested it may be date related. The BDE Administrator
is unable to read the date and time of the table. Some data tables can be
viewed without a problem!

Can anybody help?!

Many thanks