The Back Admin - good for BDE Administrators !!!

Redprise Software Solutions is pleased to offer you
a new program that will be very useful for network administrators,
DB Admins who work with programs ,which use Borland Database Engine, and
for ordinary users.
With the WinTask you will be able to replicate data between directories.
With the WinTask you will be able to backup important data with less
With the WinTask you will be able to pack Paradox/FoxPro/DBase files by
With the WinTask you can perform next operations by schedule:

1.Backup/zip files
2.Directory replication
3.Delete files by file name or file mask
4.Shutdown computer
5.Remote shutdown (Windows NT Only)
6.Run any OS command or application
7.RAS dial (Dial-up networking function -
you will be able to perform backup/replication and other operations with
remote systems)
8.RAS disconnect (Dial-up networking function)
9.Call DLL function (so you can add any functionality if you wish)
10.Map network drive
11.Disconnect network drive
12.Pack Paradox files
13.Pack FoxPro/DBase files
14.Execute insert, modify or delete query.

You can run as many  operations in your task as you wish and in any order
Tasks can be scheduled minutely,daily, weekly, monthly or once.
The WinTask has a very small size on hard disk (about 500 Kb).
The WinTask has simple and convinient interface.

You can dowload the WinTask from
Visit our site for more information.

With respect,
Redprise Software Solutions Division.