Error Problem: D6Enterprise->BDE->OBDC->Access2000db


Here is my app db set up:
Using Delphi 6 Enterprise Trial (D6E Trial),
Set up an ODBC connection to an Access 2000 db,
Using the BDE to that ODBC connection.

Table set up:
Tracks assignments for individuals.
Individuals can have multiple assignments through their career.
rec_num    (integer, pk)
ssn        (text, 11)
start_date (date)
end_date   (date)

Within the application, I set the table property's index field
to the primary key (rec_num), and made sure it was updateable.

I have a form showing the contents of the table in a dbgrid. I
go to change a value (ssn) and click refresh, post, or go to
another record (which has the same effect as posting) I get
the following error:

"Table does not support this operation because it is not uniquely indexed"

I have a primary key set with in Access itself, I also tried
setting both :
1) IndexFieldName to rec_num (the primary key)
2) IndexName to PrimaryKey

I get the same error.  The funny thing is that the table is
actually changed, but nothing refreshes at that particular
runtime. I quit & restart the app, and see  the change has been
made, so apparently it has problems refreshing ?

Is there some quirk with D6E Trial ? (BDE or other wise ?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated !