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Minimum form size

I have an instance of Tform created at design time.  The designed size is
640 x 480 for minimum screen sizes.  I ran the software on someone else's
computer (with 640 x 480 screen settings) and because of their configuration
the program seemed to be executing from within another window and the form
was MUCH smaller than 640 x 480.  It was necessary to click on the maximize
button to make the form near it's correct size.  If I set the minimum screen
size to 640 x 480 will this problem be eliminated?  Are there any other
possible problems that could result from this?  Thanks

Re:Minimum form size

I am not sure that I understand your question. If the form is 640 x 480 it
will appear to fill the screen on a computer whose display resolution is 640
x 480. The only way I know of for the form to not fill the screen is if the
PC is running at a resolution higher than 640 x 480. You may want to check
the user's display settings and see if they are really at 640 x 480.

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