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ATTN All Newcomers to this newsgroup!

Here's a few pieces of advice, no, RANTING: <flame on>

1 Do NOT use a subject header that says only HELP or URGENT or HELP ME -
most of us NEVER NEVER NEVER read messages with meaningless headings
like that.  We scan the subject headers and read things we're interested
in, or think we can help with (ie, we might know the answer).  If you
use a meaningless header like "EMERGENCY!" by itself, you are
guaranteeing the 99 % of the people in the newsgroup will NOT EVER read
your message.  Only the poor volunteer sysops will read your message,
but that is greatly limiting your sources of help.

I personally don't care a bit how upset you are or how urgent you think
your problem is - I don't get paid a dime to answer your question (and
nobody gets paid to answer mine either).

I do care about getting problems solved - mine AND yours.

If your problem is so urgent or you are such a victim in need of HELP,
then call tech support and pay $$$ for an answer.  Otherwise, please use
the newsgroup PROPERLY!!! and give your message a DESCRIPTIVE header.

PS:  I also care not a whit whether you decide to not use Delphi, or
think Inprise sucks because there's a bug in your code, or whatever.
Everyone goes through enormous frustration at times when we get stuck.
If you want to threaten someone, call your local Inprise sales rep and
threaten them to take your business elsewhere - in this newsgroup, you
are only being heard by your FELLOW PROGRAMMERS, most of whom would LOVE
TO HELP YOU if you would just state the problem.

Yes, we all break this rule sometimes, but please NOT on your first
appearance in the newsgroup - wait until you have built up at least some
good will before making an ass of yourself when posting a stupid message
late at night while frustrated (works for me <big grin>) .  At least, if
you want to rant about Inprise, then do it in the non-technical forum
and NOT in connection with a technical discussion.

2  Do NOT ask for a response by email!  Who do you think you are?  Are
you planning to *pay* for the answer, or do you want it free?  If you
want it free, then check back on the newsgroup to get an answer like
everyone else. If you ask for a response by email, you are revealing
yourself as completely ignorant of the purpose and utility of the
newsgroups.  We are all learning by "listening in" on other people's
problems and responses, so as to avoid same in the future.  Also,
everything posted here is *searchable* in the future, so when someone
(like me) needs the same answer next week, we can often find it just be
using (or other search engine) to search the Delphi

Conversely, do NOT ever answer someone by email because that detracts
from the value of the newsgroup.  Yes, I used to hit reply to group AND
sender as a courtesy to notify the original poster that there was a
response, but I found out this usually leads to the conversation going
"offline" from the newsgroup - so I stopped!

Follow this advice and you will see how helpful the Delphi community is
(the people here save me on a weekly basis with free code, advice, and
answers, and I do try to give back some fraction of what I have received
to others).  But keep posting stupid "BIG PROBLEM" subject headers, and
asking for handholding by email, and don't be surprised if the response
you get is to "HIRE A REAL PROGRAMMER".

<flame off>

And thank-you in advance for your support.  I feel much better now


Re:ATTN All Newcomers to this newsgroup!

On Thu, 16 Jul 1998 12:34:45 -0700, Richard Grossman

<> wrote:
>Here's a few pieces of advice, no, RANTING: <flame on>

Thanx...  And.... ->

(if you *must* quote many lines put your reply above the quoted lines
of the message your replying to AND quote as little as possible) OR
even better, don't quote at all.)

A smile,
MarK 'HendriX' van der Hijden <sw...@dse.PLEASE.REMOVE.THISnl>
URL: www.mark.{*word*104}
Critic, n.: A person who boasts himself hard to please because nobody
tries to please him. -- Ambrose Bierce, "The Devil's Dictionary"

Re:ATTN All Newcomers to this newsgroup!

In article <>, Richard Grossman
<> writes
>Here's a few pieces of advice, no, RANTING: <flame on>

..(snipped for brevity)


>And thank-you in advance for your support.  I feel much better now

Well said. Very much in the spirit of Newsgroups and I agree 100%
David H. Bolton

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