Off topic - Borland C++ Builder question

Michael F Gordon wrote:
> This probably isn't the right group for this, but C++ Builder is heavily
> based on Delphi and there doesn't seem to be a Builder group.

> I'm trying to talk to a piece of custom hardware plugged into the
> parallel port but I can't seem to get C++ Builder to recognise
> functions like outportb().  If I #include <conio.h> it doesn't
> see the prototype, and if I include the prototype manually the
> linker can't find the function.  It doesn't seem to make any
> difference whether I create a normal application or a console
> application.  What am I missing?

> Thanks
> Michael Gordon
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Never used Builder but intuition tells me that something like an option is
or isn't activated. That option would be something like 'Use ANSI C

Good luck!