Where is Tlogger/IdTunnelMaster, or simple logging?

I want to create a log for my app, basically datetime stamp
and then various parameters to be dumped, preferably with
simple delimiter in between them so that they can be read
back to spreadsheets and other tools.  I want to use an "append"
model that basically just use LogEvent(string) to do the work.

I searched Help index and found Tlogger that'd suit my needs.
(Actually a little better than needed.  And simple interface.)

But I didn't see that or IdTunnelMaster, or related components,
on my bar.  I downloaded Indy 8 from website, and uses Delphi 6
personal.  How can I use Tlogger or similar components?
Any advice on logging for a newbie?

Pls copy my email for reply.  Thanks,