Custom-drawn TListView column resizing problems

I have a TListView with two columns (one subitem) that I am custom drawing
both the item and subitem.  When I resize the column, a duplicate of what
was to the right of the resizing bar remains on the left.  For example, it
would look like this:

             v--Original location of resize bar
                          v--New location of resize bar
Order                 |   Filename
  1         D:\Filena D:\Filename1.ext
  2         D:\Filena D:\Filename2.ext
  3         D:\Filena D:\Filename3.ext

The subitem column 'ghost' disappears after a refresh, but is there any way
to prevent it from occuring in the first place?  Resizing the columns does
not appear to trigger an event for the ListView, and ListViews which are not
custom drawn do not have this problem.

Keith Bogart