SQL-Links for Oracle 8 and Installshield, BDE 5.01

Hi there,

I let Installshield (Version 2.12, the one which is delieverd with Delphi 5
Enterpr.) make a setup for my Delphi-application.

If I include Oracle 7 and 8 SQL-Links and change the configuration in
bdeadmin manually for vendor init to oci.dll and dll32 to sqlora8.dll it
works properly to get a connection to an oracle8-db.

If I DON'T include Oracle 7 drivers, i.e. only the oracle 8 drivers, in my
setup I don't get a connection to my oracle8-db. This includes my
application as well as other bde-applications, for example the SQL-Explorer.

Bug or feature? :-)

Any help will be appreciated...