inserting record with 'insert'

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Juan Jimenez wrote:

> sung chul Ha wrote:

> > I got problem inserting record with 1 datasource and 1 Tquery.
> > String fields are inserted well but in case of memo field, it doesn't
> > work. How can I insert record which contains memo field?

> It would help if you were a bit more specific as to what you are doing,
> such as what database driver you are using, etc.

> Juan

sorry for my negligence :)
I am using dbase driver(standard).
For example, field aStrField is stringfield, aMemoField is memofield.

insert table (astrfield, amemofield) values('aaa', 'aaaaaa')

it works fine for string field but not for memo field..

How can I do it?

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