Crystal Web Reporting Options

Is the "ASP Report Server" the only non-Crystal Enterprise solution to
dynamically create reports on the web? I have spent the past couple
days researching crystal web reporting and it appears as if this is
the case. I would like to be able to create an ISAPI dll using the
Crystal Reports ActiveX Desinger Runtime (CRAXDRT.DLL) with Delphi so
I can leverage our existing Delphi code base.  Is this possible?  Or
can the CRAXDRT.DLL only be used within the ASP runtime?

Other questions:
1.  What exactly is the ASP Report Server?  Is it simply the
rptserver.asp file or a combination of rptserver.asp and CRAXDRT.DLL
or something else?

2. From what I have read, the ASP report server supports 5 concurrent
licenses.  How is this managed?  The documentation on the
crystaldecisions site indicates it is managed by counting the open
session("oApp") objects. There is property on the Application object
called GetLicenseStatus.  Is this property talking directly with the
asp runtime to determine licenses in use or is there another way
licenses are managed?  This whole license issue leads to my suspicion
that ASP is the only web solution.  I hope I am wrong.

3.  If there is a non-ASP solution, could someone please direct me to
some documentation or sample code.