Lost 60 days of lifetime :-(

I have sent you the patch for this.

Kind Regards,

Steve Peters
Borland Developer Support

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Matthias Watermann wrote:
>         Yesterday  - at  least I  =thought= it  was yesterday  - I
>  installed  the D5-Trial.  And a  first start  last (?)  night was
>  working well.  Today I was  confronted with a  message indicating
>  that obviously I  lost 60 days of my lifetime  (while I thought I
>  was only sleeping  a few hours). But no  way: D5-Trial refused to
>  start.  Does anybody  know how  to get  back my  lost 60 days? (I
>  never  imagined that  trying  a  Borland-product would  be =that=
>  expensive!)

> --
>         Matthias