Question (I'm a Novice to ActiveForms/CGI/scripts/etc...)

I use Delphi 3 client server.  I have successfully deployed an ActiveForm with
IE3.x.  I am trying to implement a "logon" portion to it.  From within my
ActiveForm, how do I tell IE3 to jump to a URL if the user doesn't logon
correctly?  Simulating hitting the "Back" key would be sufficient.  I am very
new to this type of programming. I believe that some type of scripting language
will be involved, but how do I associate the script with my ActiveForm?  

Along the same lines, has anyone attemted a MDI (multiple-document-interface)
ActiveX control or the like?  Is it conceivable?

Somebody please set me on the right track!  A book, web page or anything
about this stuff would be nice.
Chris <>