NEED HELP - Can't connect to SQL 7 via ADO

Your problem may also be because you're probably trying to use a trusted
login(NT Authentication) method on one machine and not on the other. Check
odbc properties also to see if they're the same on both machines.

"Ben Hayat" <> wrote in message
Here is the situation and I appreciate your help.
I have an NT server running SQL 7.x and delphi 5. From Delphi, when building
connection String, It asked me to "Select or enter server name", here I can
see the SQL server name with no problem.
Then I went to Win98 machine to see if I can build the Connection String the
same way, but it does not recognize the SQL running on the NT server.
Then I installed the SQL desktop on my Win98 machine, and go to Delphi to
build the String, still does not recognize the local SQL running.
I uninstalled and reinstalled SQL again, and nothing.
a) Why isn't it recognizing the local server?
b) Once I get it to work with local server (hopefully with your help), how
can I make it recognize the NT SQL server?
Ben Hayat
Micro Intelligence Corp.