Help with ReportSmith and report variables please

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> (Keith Walter) wrote:

>| >Please can some kind person tell me how to transfer the value from a
>| >Date variable to ReportSmith at runtime?
>| >
>| >I've managed to transfer string values from variables using the
>| >following:
>| >
>| >Report2.InitialValues.Add('@rptvar=<'+stringvar+'>');
>| >
>| >But no matter what I've tried I can't get a date to work.
>| >
>| >Can anyone please give me a short example which will transfer a date
>| >variable to a report variable in ReportSmith at runtime?

>Well I've figured out how to do it, but there must be an easier way.

>It looks like Reportsmith insists on receiving the date in US style
>mm/dd/yy rather than the European way ie dd/mm/yy

>Am I correct in this assumption, or am I missing something?

This seems to be a windows setting problem. You can try the following,

Go to Windows Control Panel, click Intenational Icon, then go Date Format,
click change Btn, a dialog box will appear, in Order line there are 3 options

                MDY     DMY     YMD

select whatever you want (in your case should be DMY).

Hope this could help.

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