DBExpress and TClientDataSet in Delphi 8

2004-04-02 10:34:11 PM
I'm trying to access data in two MS SQL Server databases. One database has
(amongst other things) a list of customers, and the other is a database of our
products which we have received into our repair centre. I am trying to retrieve a
list of customers from the one database, and then retrieve details from the other
according to the customer that has been chosen. I have a TLookupComboBox attached
to a TClientDataSet via a data source component. This ClientDataSet is linked to a
TSQLQuery component. Now when the form opens, it automatically runs the
ClientDataSet and retrieves the list of customers. But sometimes when I click on
the combobox to choose a customer I get System.NullReferenceExceptions and other
times I can get the list, but when I choose a customer I get a
Thanks in advance.