ANN: JfControls Standard (New version: 06.04.01)

2005-04-06 02:33:09 AM
JfActiveSoft development team proudly announces the new version of
JfControls Standard (060401), now with support for Delphi 2005 Update 2
The most powerful, integrated and innovative group of components conceived
for both Delphi & C++Builder.
JfControls is much than just a set of components here and there. JfControls
is a framework where all the different components cooperate among them in
order to get a series of really innovative functionalities, and without
draining the operating system's resources!!!.
With this new version of JfControls Standard, we are also including a
library of skins for buttons, panels ans windows with more than 590 images
fully defined and ready to be used.
This new version also includes our new 'PkgExplorer' program, fully
implemented with JfControls.
By means of this program you could see the images contained in a package
"pim" or "dis" type, modify them, preview them as a form, a button, a panel,
a checkbox, or a radiobutton, create configurations of visualization
according to tha package you are going to display, and much more.
Besides, the new version of JfControls Standard comes out with new
components to handle images, regions, zones of transparency, etc...from the
own JfControls-created applications, and many other improvements, at all
levels, of the library.
Just take a look at the main features of JfControls Standard:
+ New technology of 'packages': Reuse the application's resources (images,
colours, backgrounds, fonts, text strings, variables, privileges, ...)
Besides, you will be able, quite easily, to exchange your already-made
configurations between different applications.
+ Resizable windows with skin (this is even possible for your MDI windows).
+ Resizable panels with skin.
+ Resizable buttons with skin.
+ Integrated editor to create masks of images with support to scan the
surrounding pixels looking for the range of colours, define the internal and
external areas of transparency and establish the resizement zones, which
will work as 'tiles' later on.
+ Integrated text editor for your translations.
+ Manager Window, with RTTI support, to locate and replace the different
elements throughout our 'packages'.
+ You will be able to change the application's language at both design and
+ Specialized set of components to get the fully centralized configuration
of all the application's elements. (TJfCApplication): PkgDisplay,
PkgLanguage, PkgSetup, PkgVars, Privileges, Scroll bars, dialog boxes, skins
for common forms, keyboard, regional configuration, paths, ...
+ Specialized component to configure all the possible features a window can
take (TJfCForm): Backgrounds, constraints, styles, DataSources to
controlling, automatic destruction, recording of size and position, events
to control the destruction of windows, embedded forms, ...
+ Files to keep the variables' contents in a hierarchical way. Those files
are globaly used by JfControls to permanently save the controls' position,
size and position of windows, columns and bands on grids, etc.
+ Independence, if wished, from the operating system regional configuration.
+ Several types of backgrounds; gradient, solid, tiled images, water marks,
transparencies, solid with images, etc.
+ Shadows.
+ Transparencies.
+ Multi-monitor support.
+ Fully centralized management of privileges. You will be able to develop
applications with multiple level of privileges, superusers, administrators'
visibility, permits for users and groups. The JfControls capability to
handle the different privileges will reach each and every control, component
and option of your application: Menu options, general controls,
TJfPageControl tabs, TJfComboBox options, TJfListBox, etc..
+ Extended features for masks when you are visualizing or typing data, for
all our controls: TJfEdit, TJfDBEdit, TJfLabel, TJfStatusBar, etc..
+ Multi-level support for embedded windows through our TJfScrollBox
component: Individual events for forms, docking/undocking, automatic
adjustment of size, aided-sailing among the different embedded windows,
skined embedded forms, ...
+ Customizable TJfScrollBox component: special scroll bars, colours,
transparency, different backgrounds, ....
+ Extended navigation with keyboard, predefinable for all our controls:
cursor keys, ENTER, Tabs, ..
+ Automatic control of decimals according to the regional configuration.
+ Extended posibilities to navigate, by means of the keyboard, through
data-aware controls.
+ Multiline support for text.
+ Dynamical changes of buttons' appearance, according to their state (down,
up, mouseover,..), this works for both TJfSpeedButtons and TJfBitBtns.
+ Different types of focus for our TJfBitBtn component.
+ Predefined shapes.
+ Special alignments, just use our specialized properties 'AlignHor' and
'AlignVer': Zoom, Right, RighLeft, TopBottom, ...
+ Exclusive properties to get the control on the size of a control according
to the theoretical value it will contain.
+ Highly sophisticated TJfLabel: Angle, multiline, images, shapes,
backgrounds, transparencies, shadows, predefined information, etc.
+ Fully customizable menus support for images, bands, fonts, backgrounds,
banners, dynamical changes of images, shadows, dynamical changes of
backgrounds, customizable images for you check marks, etc...
+ You will be able to drop your menu bars on any place of a window or
container (TJfPanelMenu).
+ Fully customizable PopupMenus.
+ TJfStatusBar component with independent panels, predefined information,
images, backgrounds, progress bars.
+ Fully customizable TJfOutlookBar: Fonts, colours, skins, images, ...
+ Linked labels for all our controls, fully customizable.
+ Edition fields with linked labels and buttons, some of them with automatic
capabilities: Calculator, calendar, ..
+ Typified controls (DataType).
+ Value and AsValue properties for the whole set of controls, to easily
control their different values.
+ Validation by means of the OnValidate event of all our controls.
+ Special methods to control your required values.
+ TJfListBox and TJfComboBox components with multiselection and sorting
capabilitis, images, check marks, incremental search, etc. Funcionalidad
exclusiva mediante Possibility of keeping the multiple values of the
different options selected, this way you will be able to save them into any
database's field.
+ TJfRichEdit component with support for images. Editor of rich texts, at
both design and runtime.
+ Data-aware buttons to automatically control your datasets.
+ Automatic repetition of events when you hold down a TJfSpeedButton
+ Our TJfImageBar, TJfMemoBar and TJfRichEditBar components control the
loading, recording, accesory information, etc..of the TJfImage, TJfDbImage,
TJfFocusImage, TJfDbFocusImage, TJfMemo, TJfDbMemo, TJfRichEdit and
TJfDbRichEdit components.
+ Fully customizable TJfPageControl: Backgrounds, Colours, tabs position,
multiline tabs, images, ...
+ Our TJfCheckBox and TJfRadioButton components can take any sort of
appearance: as predefined forms, as images, as dynamical text.
+ TJfProgressBar component with support for styles, transparency, shadows,
undefined progress mode, ...
+ TJfRuler component with support for zoom, different measures, sundry modes
of visualization, ...
+ Automatic control of datasources to deal with the closing of windows.
+ Expandable calendar.
+ Skined messages and exceptions.
+ Skined calendar and calculator.
+ Special components to handle the different elements within our 'packages'.
+ Multiple global functions to get the control on windows, date formats,
numbers, time, strings, etc.
+ Special functions to display popups linked to controls.
+ Special global functions to get the control on windows placed into
dinamically-loaded packages.
+ More than 70 components, you will be able to face any kind of application:
TJfCApplication, TJfCForm, TJfCFrame, TJfCBuffer, TJfMainMenu, TJfPopupMenu,
TJfPanelMenu, TJfPanel, TJfScrollBox, TJfGroupBox, TJfRadioGroup, TJfEdit,
TJfComboBox, TJfListBox, TJfMemo, TJfRichEdit, TJfLabel, TJfcheckBox,
TJfImage, TJfFocusImage, TJfRadioButton, TJfOutlookBar, TJfPageControl,
TJfSpeedButton, TJfBitBtn, TJfShape, TJfPkgImage, TJfUpDown, TJfPkgImages,
TJfPkgStrings, TJfPkgVars, TJfMemoBar, TJfRichEditBar, TJfImageBar,
TJfStatusBar, TJfSplitter, TJfProgressBar, TJfTimer, TJfThreadTimer,
TJfImageForm, TJfMoveForm, TJfPkgPrivileges, TJfLBPrivileges, TJfSetsGroup,
TJfRuler, TJfFontComboBox, TJfFontListBox, TJfDbLabel, TJfDbEdit,
TJfDbComboBox, TJfDbListBox, TJfDbMemo, TJfDbRichEdit, TJfDbImage,
TJfDbFocusImage, TJfDbCheckBox, TJfDbRadioGroup, TJfDbPageControl,
TJfDbNavigator, TJfDbBitBtn, TJfDbSpeedButton, TJfDbPkgImage,
TJfLBSetsColor, TJfLBSetsBackGround, TJfLBSetsFont, TJfLBPkgImages,
TJfLBColors, TJfCBSetsColor, TJfCBSetsBackGround, TJfCBSetsFont,
TJfCBPkgImages, TJfCBColors, TJfCBPrinters.
+ Tutorial ( more than 100 pages) and contex help file.
+ Specialized program to install the different elements of JfControls
+ Demo programs and their source code.
+ Support and troubleshooting in less than 24 hours.
+ Resources are available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and
Chinese languages.
You can find further information about these components at
Anyway, if you have any kind of doubt or question, just don't hesitate to
email us.
Best wishes,
Jose Antonio Molina