ANN: AnyNET-Delphi: Generate Delphi source code from ANY .NET assembly

2005-09-29 05:48:49 AM
Port code is boring. But AnyNET-Delphi let to any Delphi developer port
quickly any component/library made with .NET!
This tools is a reflector pluging. You need instal Reflector
( for this tool to work.
This tool is in beta but ouput good results. The best, is open-source so
can be tweak easily (For now, the source code is in C#).
Please send me any improvements of general use or suggestion!
You can grab the source code from the CVS of the project.
More info at
A tutorial about how use this tool:
Mutis: The open source indexing/search engine for Delphi
(Alpha stage: Developers Wanted!)