ANN: Habari XB Client 1.0beta1 released

2008-05-12 04:42:12 PM
Habari XB C4ient is a client component for the xmlBlaster Open
Source MOM (message-oriented middleware). With this component and
xmlBlaster, it is possible to exchange data between clients written in
Delphi, PHP, Perl, Python, C, C++, C#, Visual, Flash, J2ME,
Java (applications, servlets, applets).
New "Habari xbAdmin" Administration GUI
The new example application included in the demo download is a free
administration GUI which displays xmlBlaster connection information,
clients, sessions, topics and subscriptions. Full source code is
included in the registered version.
Recent Changes:
* new PublishOneway method for maximum outgoing message flow performance
* uses the xmlBlaster socket protocol (no dependencies on 3rd party
XMLRPC libraries)
* XDOM-based XML parser replaced by TXMLDocument (no dependencies on 3d
party DOM library)
Already available since March 2008: Habari ActiveMQ Client Delphi
client library and component(s) for the Apache ActiveMQ message broker,
with support for object exchange between Java and Delphi (and other
Best Regards
Michael Justin
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