Rave Report - How to skip printer setting in TRvSystem.SystemPrinter in TRvProjec

2008-04-16 08:59:03 AM
I had posted the same message in nevrona.public.rave.developer.delphi.rave,
borland.public.delphi.thirdpartytools.ravereports but cannot get any answer,
so i try here.
i have created 5 report using Rave designer as below:
1st report, Paper size = A4, Landscap
2nd report, Paper size = A3, Landscap
3rd report, Paper size = A5
4th report, Paper size = custom size 10 X 15
5th report, Paper size = custom size 20 X 10
if i assign TRvProject Engine to a TRvSystem, all report will print out
in A4 Portrait ( which is default setting in TRvSystem ), this is
not what i want. What i want is the TRvProject should auto detect / use the
setting ( like paper size, orientation ) which i have set
in Rave Designer.
I cannot change the TRvSystem setting because all report are created by
user and i don't know what is the paper size, orientation
they have set in Rave designer. I have a system which allow user to add in
they own format in my report list but when print out, my user
complain all report are printed in A4 size potrait eventhough they have set
it to custom paper size during design. So what should i do in order to print
the report which follow the setting in Rave Designer instead of TRvSystem.
* FYI, if i NOT assign any TRvProject Engine, it will able to follow the
setting in Rave Designer but the problem is in my TRvSystem, i have setup
all the event and property in TRvSystem like override setup, override
preview....., if i not assign any Engine to TRvProject , then setup, preview
will follow back the Rave Orginal screen.