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Older Version of Delphi

2004-06-26 09:55:06 AM
Hi everyone,
Here's another newbie question: Is it possible (and legal) to get an older
version of Delhpi, like vs. 3 or 4, as freeware, shareware, or anything
other than a timed trial?
It would be helpful if I could just use one of the older versions, to learn
how to code in Delphi, even if it is one of those deals where they let you
use their complier, but you can not create stand-alone executables on it.
I just want to learn the language, but I don't want to spend--I think it's
something like $99 for the personal edition, unless I am wrong about that.
If I could just make use of the compiler, learn the language and how to
program in it, then I would be happy to spend the money to buy it. But at this
point, I am considering Microsoft and Visual I have an older
version of VB(Visual Basic) that I downloaded off the Microsoft page--5.0, and of course,
there are a lot of freeware C++ compiler's around, like Borland's, but there
doesn't seem to be any similar deal with Delphi.
Anyone know why not? Or does anyone have a solution for my problem. If
not, then I guess I will just go with Microsoft VB(Visual Basic) or Visual

Re:Older Version of Delphi

Sorry, I just realized that I sent this message to the wrong newsgroup.
I'll post it where appropriate.
Sorry again,